Types of Sashimi

Some of the most popular types of sashimi are:

Maguro (Red Tuna) - Maguro has many different parts, some very fatty and taste almost like whale. This part of the Tuna is more expensive. Red Tuna become white when cooked, but many cheaper sushi restaurants only serve white tuna raw, so try and order the red tuna if it is available (especially if you are at an all-you-can-eat Japanese Sushi Restarant

Salmon (鮭 Sake) Very YUMMY!!! Japan only gets the best grade Salmon, so if you had Salmon in America, it will not be nearly as good as the Salmon in Japan, even though it most likely comes from Norway. Japan buy up the worlds best fish, then it is heavily taxed for export. So if your eating excellent sushi/sashimi outside of Japan, it is going to be very expensive, because at one point, it was in Japan.

Squid (いか Ika) Many differnet types, even it can taste rubbery when really fresh, other types have no rubber texture and are very yummy. Make sure it is very fresh!

Shrimp (えび Ebi)

Tuna (まぐろ Maguro)

Mackerel (さば Saba?)

Horse Mackerel (あじ Aji)

Octopus (たこ Tako) Sometimes served raw, sometimes cooked

Fatty Tuna (とろ Toro?) - The more expensive part, seen at about 1000 Yen per 2 pieces, about $13 USD.

Yellowtail (はまち Hamachi) A cheaper fish, but nice to fill up on

Thai cheaper tasting sashimi

Snapper - cheaper tasting slightly chewy texture, cheaper to use as a filler

Herring - another cheaper fish to fill up on, not bad tasting if it is really fresh, i actually crave this from excellent restaurants that serve it fresh, even if it is fresh, just not super fresh, it will have a medium fishy smell to it. 

Puffer Fish Takifugu (ふぐ Fugu?)

Scallop (ほたて貝 Hotate-gai?)

Sea Urchin (ウニ Uni?)

Whale meat (鯨肉 Gei-niku?)

UnagiUnagi (freshwater eel) Sometimes they use wild Unagi and sometimes it is farmed. The farmed is not as good tasting or as healthy in nutrition as the wild Unagi. Unagi unagi is high in vitamin B, conquers fatigue. It is not served raw, rather cooked over charcoal and coated with a sweet soy sauce cooked from simmering the bones and heads of this tasty eel. Be careful some sushi places say on the menu they are serving you Unagi, but it is Anogo, a cheaper, less tasteful ell.

They also have Raw Horse Meat sashimi/sushi which is found everywhere in Japan.